Village Learning Centers

Educator Development Institute

To date,  Preschool through 2nd grade has been completed! The curriculum is currently in seven Primary Schools and two Village Learning Centers. OCM is also interested in introducing the curriculum in the refugee camps in Northern Uganda, which are housing 1 million South Sudanese refugees. 

The most important aspect: it is ALL from a Biblical perspective, creating a Biblical worldview. Our heart's desire is that the children we reach plant roots that go deep into God's word for the production of good fruit  (Jeremiah 17:8). â€‹

If you have more questions about R2F or are interested in buying or sponsoring a copy for your school, please email us through the Contact page

While contemplating how to get teachers, classrooms, and the Roots to Fruits curriculum into extreme remote villages in Northern Uganda and South Sudan, we asked the Lord what to do. He faithfully answered that prayer with the vision of Village Learning Centers (VLC).​

Much like historical American one-room schoolhouses, these multi-grade classrooms are established in remote areas where the children do not have an opportunity for an education. The VLCs are established in partnership with the local village community. The village is responsible for the classroom building and feeding the children while OCM provides the educators, who are on a monthly sponsorship, R2F curriculum, and learning materials.

We are determined to bring these children, and thousands like them, to the Word of God and His love, to educate them to read, to understand their world from a Godly perspective, and to gain information they can use practically in their lives. By teaching the children, we are also reaching their parents and others within the village with the love of Christ.

This is not just for one or two villages. 

There are thousands more just like them...​

By using the minimum-required content of the Ugandan national curriculum (as per the Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda), R2F remains compliant with the established laws and aims of the country. The writers have simply rearranged the content and added additional relevant information. This adjustment better suits the methodology of building knowledge on knowledge to more effectively teach critical thinking and comprehension skills for future learning instead of information memorization. The scheming and lesson plans are created and written out to be used as a tool for teachers in facilitating learning among their pupils. 

The Roots to Fruits Christian Curriculum is written from the Biblical perspective, using the Bible as the foundation of truth. R2F’s approach develops a well-trained mind, and a holistically educated child that has acquired and mastered the tools of learning, for lifelong education with a Biblical worldview.

At the Educator Development Institute, Missionary Educators are trained to work within their own culture, ministering in remote villages of Northern Uganda and South Sudan, by providing Christian Education (using the Roots to Fruits curriculum), community health education and development, and Christian discipleship.

Roots to Fruits Christian Curriculum