Thank you for your generous support!  Without our faithful staff members, we would not be able to achieve our vision. 



Jeremiah is currently sponsored.

Jeremiah Olara Odongkara is the coordinator of the village learning centers of Our Call Missions.
In 2011, while teaching at Our Call's school, the Christian curriculum that Jeremiah was using every day to teach classes positively impacted his personal relationship with God. He was one of the first teachers to use the Roots to Fruits Curriculum.
Jeremiah is currently helping in the Roots to Fruits curriculum development. He is also reaching out as a Christian ambassador, with the support of the directors of OCM, to the needy within the village of Ocuka-Pabwor. 

When  Alyssa Joy Coggin was 8 years old she accepted Jesus as her Savior. 

She is a social worker by profession and
after completion of her courses, she was employed by Our Call Missions in 2012 as a social worker in their school (Sanctuary of Grace). 
Currently, she is working with Our Call Missions in the curriculum development department. She is very committed to seeing the completion of the curriculum and changing the teaching paradigm of her country.

Alyssa is an integral part of our team. Would you consider sponsoring all or part of her salary ($150 a month)?