‚ÄčEducator Sponsorship Program

The program for the Educators Development Institute (EDI) is designed to

be as self-sustainable as possible, but there is still need for additional

funding. Please consider supporting one of these men as they serve the

Lord in missions and educating the children of the deep villages,

as well as being a Godly witness for Jesus in these villages.

The salary for each Educator is $150 per month.

We invite you to partner with them through sponsorship as follows: 

$150 per month for full sponsorship,

$75 per month for half sponsorship, or

$50 per month for one-third sponsorship. 

As a sponsor you will receive  a letter from your sponsored Educator, as well as regular reports and communication about their progress and work in the Village Learning  Centers (VLC).

If you would like to sponsor an educator, click here:

Village Learning Center