Oneka Benson Alex and his wife Aber Gladys have 2 young children. He is committed to serve God in educating children and "nourishing their souls". He is described as smart, disciplined, and hardworking with a good sense of humor.

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Omony Andrew comes from a family of 7. Omony and his wife Hilda have twins and a daughter. Omony states Jesus has made him a "different person". He has many years experience teaching handicapped children and is described as committed, hardworking and reliable.​

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When Obwoya Paul was 9, his mother was killed by a landmine. He heard the Word of God at school, and his life was changed. His brother told him if he followed Jesus he had to leave their home and never receive help again. He left, with much pain in his heart. Today, he is married to Alimo Concy & serving Jesus. He has a passion to reach the lost.​

Onen Oscar is described as a God-fearing man who loves the Lord, and who demonstrates a high sense of leadership skills, cooperation and honesty. His love for God can be seen by his obedience to the Word and willingness to serve. Onen says, "I believe this [ministry] is God's appointed time for me."​ 

Oloya Amos' father died when he was 11 years old. "Our family was full of sorrow & tears during the LRA insurgencies. Our elder brother and 2 sisters were abducted, But, thank God, He can do wonders in one's life. I love children and my great mission is to convert many in salvation." Oloya is described as hardworking and committed to mentor and spiritually develop students.


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